Our Monthly Deals


…Fresh Pennsyvania  PEACHES… $28.00 per ½ Bushel

 Fresh Washington Pears $25.00 per 28 lb. box

Michigan Blueberries $30.00 per 10lb Box

Last week for Fresh Blueberries

Taking Orders for Fresh Concord Grapes…… ½ bushel boxes this year’s price is yet unknown…. the last price was 12.00

MUMS are here!  Mums Mums 11.00 each or 3 for 30.00

New in the Store Limited time 10lb boxes of Chicken precooked 3 cuts from 18.00 to 20.00 per Box, in our Freezer.


Arriving Late August, (they will not be ready for mid-August) Taking Orders for Organic Colorado Peaches, the price will be around $43.00 per box. This will be orders only.

    Also, we will be able to load some regular Colorado peaches for $33.00 per box. Email your orders or call.  What we hear is they will be Crest haven variety Peaches.

Fresh Cheese Curds Thursday

Fresh Local 2019 Honey is in Milk & Honey Acres Almena, WI

Farm Fresh Eggs $2.25 per dozen

Organic Farm Fresh Eggs only $2.87 per Dozen

Farmers Market Every Thursday

Free Pressure Canner Testing Thursday August 15, 2-8 pm

Open until 8:00pm on Market days

Have a Great rest of the Week Everyone!

 Fresh Dried Premium Wisconsin Cranberries on Sale for $2.25 lb. These are the Real Dried Cranberries...

Countryside Lefse 6oz pkg

Open 6 days a week Monday–Friday 9-5 Saturday 9-3

Closed Sundays & Holidays


~ Have a Great Rest of the Week Everyone! ~

Thank You! We appreciate your business…

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