Our Monthly Deals


South Carolina Peaches.

We have July Prince Peaches this week.

Fresh South Carolina Peaches $30.00 per box

Fresh South Carolina 2 ¼” Peaches $25.00 per Box

Fresh South Carolina Peaches by the pound for $1.60

Fresh Washington Apricots $36.00 26lb box

Fresh Sweet Seedless Watermelon $5.50 each

Washington Rainier Cherries just a few, the price is $4.00 for a 15oz container.

Fresh Washington Bing Cherries just a few, 18 lb. box $33.00. More next week…


Next Week Fresh Michigan & Oregon Blueberries.

Grassland AA Salted Butter SALE $2.39 lb. 4 Quarter lb.

buy 4lb of Butter and save even more @ $2.29 lb.

Ground Beef

85/15 Ground Beef from BLT Farms Grain Fed Beef. Processed by Lotts A Meat Bloomer WI. $4.50lb. in 1 lb. packages frozen.

Some New Items to Excite your Taste Buds! 

Fry Pies, Blueberry, Apple, Cherry and Peach. Real fruit is used in fillings, and each bite has that perfect blend of filling, crust, and glaze. 

6lb horns of Colby, CoJack and Cheddar now only $23.00 each. PepperJack $25.00  Prices are subject to change

Lotts-A-Meat Snack Sticks…

 Many Healthy Snacks available for everyone from dried fruits, nuts, Cheese and Lunch Meat from our Deli….. and then there is our Fresh Homemade Fudge … We use real Amish Roll Butter in our Fudge Recipe. 

Fresh Local 2019 Honey is in Milk & Honey Acres Almena, WI

Low Prices High Quality

A2 Milk & Drinkable Yogurts... from the Clover Meadows Family Farm

Lake Country Dairy’s

Copper Kettle Parmesan Cheese aged 18 month’s

Check out or Large Selection of Outdoor Poly Furniture!


Farm Fresh Eggs $2.25 per Dozen

Fresh Local 2019 Honey is in Milk & Honey Acres Almena, WI

 Fresh Dried Premium Wisconsin Cranberries on Sale for $2.25 lb. These are the Real Dried Cranberries...

Countryside Lefse 6oz pkg

Open 6 days a week Monday–Friday 9-5 Saturday 9-3

Closed Sundays & Holidays


~ Have a Great Rest of the Week Everyone! ~

Thank You! We appreciate your business…

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